by Krystal Bradford, CIP, research compliance specialist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Since my last blog post, I have tried to pay closer attention to things discussed at the 2014 AER Conference that I have incorporated into my everyday work. Several items that stand out to me might be considered minor, but there is payoff in the end. One example is documentation.
If you have read any post-site visit letters from OHRP or FDA, there is almost always a reference to documentation that should have occurred but didn’t. Accurate research study [...] Read more


by Krystal Bradford, CIP, Research Compliance Specialist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Now that we have settled back into our daily lives, and the frantic time constraints of the holidays are over, I've started to reflect on the 2014 AER Conference. I asked myself 'What did I learn that I want to start incorporating into my work processes?' And here is the funny and sad, but true, answer: 'I don’t remember!' Uh oh. Really?? Then anxiety started to set in, 'How do I not remember?' Looking back to the first line of this paragraph, I realize the answer: [...] Read more