By Amy Davis, JD, MPH, Senior Director for Publications and Programs at PRIM&R

There was a lot of talk about alternative models of institutional review board (IRB) review at PRIM&R’s 2011 Advancing Ethical Research (AER) Conference:

  • There is the Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking’s (ANPRM) request for comments on a proposed requirement that all domestic, multi-site research rely on central IRBs;
  • There are National Institutes of Health (NIH) research grants that favor central IRB models;
  • The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is piloting a central IRB model; and
  • The Department of Veterans’ Affairs relies on [...] Read more


Why do I enjoy being an IRB coordinator? At the University of Tulsa, the IRB’s focus is primarily on social and behavioral research (SBER). Of the many things I enjoy, at the top of my list is the interaction with faculty and students. I appreciate it when researchers stop by to discuss their projects before they get started.  I like the collaborative atmosphere and enjoy listening to bright new ideas. I get warm fuzzies when I think about doing something with my [...] Read more