In August, the RAND Corporation, a policy research organization, released the first comprehensive profile of IRB demographics and function in 20 years: a “Profile of Institutional Review Board Characteristics Prior to the 2019 Implementation of the Revised Common Rule.” The report investigates questions about IRB practices, efficiency, and effectiveness on the cusp of implementation of the revised federal regulations, including single IRB review. (In December of 2017, PRIM&R helped get the word out to potential survey respondents.) Read more


by Andrea Johnson, JD, CIP, Regulatory Specialist, Oregon Health & Science University Institutional Review Board

I don’t think many will disagree with me when I say that the institutional review board (IRB) process is complex. While some of us, including me, find navigating complex regulatory schema to be an enjoyable challenge, the regulations governing human subjects research create practical hurdles that cost time and money, and some would argue that they [...] Read more


by Anne Meade, Senior Manager for Website and Social Media

In early 2012, the IRB Forum, a resource-rich online community for human research protections professionals, found a new home at PRIM&R. We were (and are!) delighted to have this online community as a part of PRIM&R’s network of rich educational and networking resources.  The past year brought some changes to the [...] Read more


by Royell Sullivan, Institutional Review Board (IRB) Education Specialist at the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine

While sitting in IRB 301: Overview of the Criteria for Approval of Research on Monday, an issue arose regarding institutional review board (IRB) setup. Some IRBs assign primary and/or secondary reviewers to each protocol, while others do not. A debate ensued over whether the assignment of primary and/or secondary [...] Read more