Animal research is critical to advancing scientific knowledge biology and behavior and to informing clinical practice and public health policy.  Research with nonhuman animals is a highly regulated enterprise, with a system of laws, regulations and policies, at the federal, state, and local levels. The  Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) plays a central role in ensuring that animal research conducted at their institution is in compliance with pertinent regulations and policies. This blog post will discuss the IACUC's role in animal research and the importance of PRIM&R’s IACUC Core Training.  Read more


There are so many facets to being an IACUC coordinator that sometimes more experienced coordinators may forget we even do. The IACUC20 session "IACUC Administration for New IACUC Administrators/Coordinators" not only covered all the basics of what an IACUC administrator/coordinator may do, but both presenters took the time to explain how they fulfill these duties at their own institutions. This session helped give me a greater appreciation of everything that I do in my role. Read more


As part of the Interagency Collaborative Animal Research Education (ICARE) Project, PRIM&R convened two Train-the-Trainers Institutes (TTIs) in 2016 for IACUC leaders and educators to learn how active learning techniques can enhance the effectiveness of their training programs. To further disseminate the materials and lessons from the TTIs, PRIM&R hosted the free webinar Incorporating Active Learning into IACUC Training. We’re pleased to share answers to follow-up questions from the webinar with the readers of Ampersand. Read more