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We are pleased to welcome guest blogger Melinda Abelman, MSc, CIP, Embryonic Stem Cell Research Oversight manager at Partners HealthCare System, to Ampersand. Below, Ms. Abelman shares her view on the most recent federal decision regarding stem cell research.

As the embryonic stem cell research oversight (ESCRO) manager for an academic institution, I routinely monitor local, national, and [...] Read more


by Sylvia Baedorf Kassis, MPH

We often think of our current ethical framework as having been born out of the atrocities of World War II Nazi experimentation, the subsequent Nuremberg trials, and the resulting Nuremberg Code of 1947. Did you know, however, that some principles for the ethical conduct of research date back to the 1800s?

This fact was discussed at a recent lecture I attended titled, “Deadly Medicine in the Nazi Era: What Turned Physician Healers into Killers?” In examining the issue of how scientists, physicians, public health professionals, and academics legitimized the Nazis’ murderous program of racial [...] Read more


We are thrilled to welcome guest blogger Nick Slack, director of consulting services at the HRP Consulting Group, to Ampersand.

We are all here by accident—or at least that’s what we keep telling each other. When human subject protections professionals get together at conferences and meetings, it’s hard to ignore the many serendipitous stories about how our colleagues entered the subject area from so many different and unintended career paths. And, while this grand accident has led to a unique and intellectually driven field characterized largely by its multi-disciplinary base of professionals, we are at a critical point in our domain’s history when we [...] Read more


We are thrilled to welcome guest blogger Margo Michaels , executive director of ENACCT, to Ampersand. Margo has been in her position at ENACCT for the past six years.

Before a patient or prospective research participant walks in the door, what are the policies and procedures that can create opportunities for more effective discussions with caregivers and optimize understanding among all parties involved?

Over the last five years, my organization has trained hundreds of oncology professionals on strategies to enhance their recruitment and accrual practices, with a strong focus on literacy and language. In the course of this training, we have [...] Read more