As COVID-19 vaccinations have ramped up, there has been a parallel surge in discussion of the legality, ethics, and practicality of so-called vaccine passports: systems or processes that require COVID-19 vaccination in order to participate in certain activities. On the SBER Network, a PRIM&R Online Community, discussion emerged about whether institutions could mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for those participating in research, what role IRBs might play in that conversation, and the principles we should take into account as we consider the question. Read more


On March 5, 2020, I recall a phone conversation with the chairperson of the IRB. I said, "so, what is this COVID thing?" Famous last words, one might suggest. Despite my naivete of the virus in those early days, we still had to support researchers with swift, precise responses. To compensate for gaps in knowledge, we formed a Research Compliance & Safety Committee. Read more


The new PRIM&R Knowledge Center houses a wide range of resources to keep you inspired and informed for your work in research ethics and oversight! As you familiarize yourself with the Knowledge Center, we want to direct you to some of our top resources. First up in this blog series, our Discussion Guides, which now available individually in the Knowledge Center to help you deepen your understanding of journal articles and other resources by providing a guide for individual review or fostering group discussion. Read more