by Royell Sullivan, Institutional Review Board (IRB) Education Specialist at the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine

While sitting in IRB 301: Overview of the Criteria for Approval of Research on Monday, an issue arose regarding institutional review board (IRB) setup. Some IRBs assign primary and/or secondary reviewers to each protocol, while others do not. A debate ensued over whether the assignment of primary and/or secondary [...] Read more


by Megan Frame, Membership Coordinator

As a member of the PRIM&R staff, being onsite during our annual conferences constitutes some of the busiest (and most gratifying) parts of my year. Unfortunately, with so much to do, I often don’t have time to experience what so many of our attendees rave about: the incredible faculty, the [...] Read more


Ruth Faden, PhD, MPH, is director of the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics and a senior research scholar at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University.  She was co-recipient of PRIM&R’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 with her husband, Tom L. Beauchamp.

When I was pregnant with my first child more than 30 years ago, I developed a serious medical problem (deep vein thrombosis) and was put on heparin, a blood thinner. With every injection, I worried about whether I was doing the right thing, [...] Read more


by Avery Avrakotos, Education and Policy Coordinator

Professionals engaged in the protection of human and animal subjects felt the tides of change in 2011: The Department of Health and Human Services  proposed an overhaul to the regulations governing human subjects protections. Across the country, people provided feedback and comments on the proposed change; the animal care and use community reacted when the National Institutes [...] Read more