“We lost our quorum,” presenter Susan S. Fish, PharmD, MPH quipped as a few stragglers were still finding their seats after a short coffee break. I recognized her wonderful sense of humor and ability to engage the audience from last year’s IRB 101 course, and was delighted that she and her co-presenter Karen N. Hale, RPh, MPH, CIP continued to exceed expectations at this year’s AER Pre-Conference Program, IRB 201: An In-Depth Analysis of the Criteria for Review. Read more


Being part of this select group of Blog Squad members has been, for me, a great challenge, which I decided to accept last year, when I received a scholarship to attend the 2015 Advancing Ethical Research Conference (AER15) in Boston, MA. While reading the different Ampersand blog posts about the conference, I understood the passion, strength, and commitment that the authors put into the issues of research ethics. I think this was due to the commitment that PRIM&R puts into the issue of research ethics.

All these became the fuel that motivated me to want to share my knowledge and experience from a Latin American context. In [...] Read more


It’s mid-September, leaves are just starting to fall as daily weather capriciously vacillates between oppressive and refreshing, and I am making flight arrangements for the 2016 Advancing Ethical Research Conference (AER16).  It brings to mind that I have been attending PRIM&R conferences for 20 years, starting back when I was a member of its sister organization at the time, ARENA.  I was new to the research world then, administering the IACUC at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and assisting with the IRB. I left each conference with my head spinning, snippets of all the things I knew I had to learn whirling around inside. The weeks after each conference [...] Read more


I have been the chair of the Ethical Research Board at Nashua Community College for about six months now. As a two-year college, we are starting to introduce more student-led research projects into coursework, as well as receive more outside requests for research on community colleges. Ethical research and human rights are passions of mine, so when asked, I agreed to be on the committee, and soon after, also agreed to chair the committee. I remember thinking, "I went through the IRB process during my doctorate. How hard could it be?"

As the semester went on, we as a committee started to learn what we knew, what we did not know, and what questions we didn't even [...] Read more


My name is Seth Hall, and I’m thrilled to be blogging about PRIM&R’s 2016 Advancing Ethical Research Conference (AER16). I’m somewhat new to human subjects research protections. Although I had some research experience as an undergraduate, I went to law school and practiced general civil litigation for a few years. For the past year, I have been with the Human Research Office at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

I’ve learned a great deal over the past year, including much through PRIM&R’s website and webinars. I am [...] Read more