This piece, which originally appeared on Colorado State University's SOURCE, was written Mary Guiden and has been reposted with permission.

He has a Great Dane named Molly and a stocky pit bull named King. His friends describe him as extremely intelligent and sometimes combative, though they also add that he’s kind, caring, honest, passionate and thoughtful.

These qualities and characteristics have helped make Bernard Rollin, Colorado State University Distinguished Professor, the scholar and bioethics expert that he is today. They’ve also placed him at the top of the list to receive career-defining awards. Read more


Are you ready to join me at the 2016 IACUC Conference (IACUC16) in Bellevue? There are so many things that I’m looking forward to experiencing and learning. Where do I even begin? What might I add to my knowledge toolbox?

On my first day, I will be attending the pre-conference program Essentials of IACUC Administration—Intensive. Building on my strong background of customer service in animal care, I am anticipating discussions about strategies and best practices for creating, maintaining, and continually strengthening my institution’s culture to support all constituents of the animal care and use program.Read more


PRIM&R’s 2016 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Conference (IACUC16) will be my first IACUC Conference, and I’m excited beyond words to have the opportunity to attend. I’ve only recently been introduced into the field of animal research regulatory administration, as I began my job as an IACUC compliance coordinator in July, 2015.

To prepare for the conference, I perused the agenda, and wow! One of the sessions is entitled IACUC Administration for New Administrator/[...] Read more


PRIM&R is delighted to welcome Bernard E. Rollin, PhD, as recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Research Ethics and keynote speaker at the upcoming 2016 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Conference (IACUC16). In preparation for the conference, we connected with Dr. Rollin to discuss his work and the changes he has seen in the field of animal ethics. Read more