Posted by Maeve Luthin, Project CoordinatorWe have found that the most effective way to stay green as an office is to monitor how we consume the small things in life—like our daily cups of coffee—and how we cut back on waste—like accidently printing out the wrong e-mail three times. So, PRIM&R is jumping onto the end-of-the-year listology bandwagon, and we’re happy to share with you our favorite ways to reduce our carbon footprint!

  1. No page goes unturned at 126 Brookline Avenue, as we are very careful about using both sides of every piece of paper before it goes into a blue recycling bin.
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Where do you work?

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Posted by Catherine Rogers, Marketing Coordinator

It was a taxicab ride like any other: Within a few blocks, the driver and I had exchanged typical pleasantries about how I was doing, how he was doing, the weather, and the Red Sox. That was the first time the conversation came to a halt.

“I don’t know much about baseball, but I work right behind Fenway Park,” I said, trying to salvage a shred of dignity after admitting I’m not a sports fan.

“Oh yeah?” he asked. “Where do you work?”

Halfway through reciting PRIM&R’s full name, I saw the driver’s eyes glance into the rearview mirror. By [...] Read more


“Real Time” Relationships

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Posted by Joan Rachlin, Executive DirectorI spent almost eight hours last week in an airless room on the banks of the Potomac with the Planning Committee charged with developing the program for our March 30-31, 2009 Animal Care and Use Conference. This was the first time that a PRIM&R program has been planned "in person," as opposed to by phone and/or e-mail, and the experiment was a huge success! Those who eventually attend the March meeting will have to be the judge of whether or not they like the Planning Committee’s handiwork, but I can tell you that, at least from a process [...] Read more


Posted by Jen Levine-Fried, Membership Manager

PRIM&R’s members are the heart and soul of the organization. There’s nothing I enjoy more than connecting the names and voices from e-mail and the phone with the faces of all the wonderful members I met recently at the 2008 Advancing Ethical Research Conference. This year’s conference was particularly exciting because so many attendees took advantage of our Join and Save registration package and opted into membership when they registered. Nearly three-quarters of our attendees this year were members, which is a remarkable increase over previous years.

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Posted by Anne Meade, Web and Distance Education Coordinator

PRIM&R is constantly aiming to help our planet be healthy and safe. Not only have we focused on “greening our meetings” but we’ve also carried over our environmental practices to our office—and homes (Check out a great resource to get started with recycling strategies.). We wanted to use Ampersand to share some ideas for greening your office or home.

About a year ago here in our office in Boston, we installed software called GreenPrint on all of the computers. GreenPrint eliminates wasteful [...] Read more


Before the 2008 Advancing Ethical Research Conference, we asked two PRIM&R members to report back about their conference experience. Thanks to both Madeline Peyton and Sarah Marie Huban of Emory University for telling us about their time in Orlando.
2008 Advancing Ethical Research Conference – WOW!
By Madeline PeytonThis year’[...] Read more