Guest blog by Community-Campus Partnerships for Health Senior Consultants Sarena D. Seifer, Nancy Shore, and Elaine Drew

A growing body of literature exists that raises questions about whether IRB processes for assuring ethical research are sufficient when applied to community-engaged research (CER).1 IRBs are designed to protect the rights and welfare of individual study participants, but are less equipped to protect the rights and welfare of communities involved in research. Specifically, some authors suggest that the Belmont principles do not fully cover the scope of ethical considerations that arise in CER (e.[...] Read more


Items of Note

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There’s a lot going on here at PRIM&R and we wanted to be sure you were aware of some of the important details:

  • Registration for the February 25 webinar New Solutions to Ongoing Problems When Reviewing Social, Behavioral, Educational Research closes tomorrow at 5:00 PM ET.
  • The late registration rate for the 2009 IACUC Conference goes into affect on Tuesday, March 10, so register now!
  • Going to the 2009 IACUC Conference? Don’t forget to check out the special events, including Speed Mentoring, the Research Ethics Book Group, and a March Madness Elite Eight Party!
  • We’ve put up the information about our May Regional Program, <[...] Read more


Posted by Catherine Rogers, marketing coordinator

When it comes to empathy, Temple Grandin knows how to walk in the shoes of another being. And that’s especially true if that other being doesn’t have shoes at all, but hooves, paws, or claws.

Dr. Grandin is one of the world’s leading animal scientists, known for her sensitivity to the details that affect animals’ stability and well-being. The roots of her experience with animals extend from early childhood into Dr. Grandin’s adult life as a professor, author, inventor, and animal-handling expert.

You can begin to see why she was PRIM&R’s top choice to deliver the Henry Spira [...] Read more


Comments on updating the Guide

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Posted by Guest Blogger Steven Niemi, director of the Center for Comparative Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and PRIM&R Board Member

To the Select Committee Appointed to Update the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals:

I am writing to urge emphasis on performance standards over engineering standards in the next edition of the Guide, for the reasons provided below. For the purpose of this commentary, an engineering standard is any guideline or directive that includes a measurable unit (expressed as a number or range of numbers for time, space, mass, velocity, etc.) versus a performance standard that involves a desired outcome without quantified parameters.
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