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We are excited to announce that, in response to member feedback, PRIM&R has expanded our programming for the animal care and use community. Please read on to learn more about what we are doing to provide enhanced educational and networking opportunities, and strengthen the community of animal care and use professionals. Read more


For those involved with the ethical oversight of research involving animals or human subjects, committee meetings are a regular part of the job. IACUC and IRB staff and chairs are tasked with ensuring that those meetings run smoothly and are conducted in accordance with federal regulations. During this webinar, presenters shared recommendations and best practices for preparing for, conducting, and following up on committee meetings from the perspectives of a chair and coordinator. Consideration was also given to procedural and interpersonal aspects of IACUC and IRB meetings. Read more


The pre-conference programs were a great start to the 2016 IACUC Conference. Essentials of IACUC Administration—Intensive was indeed an intensive session. In the next two months, I will be assuming the administration duties of my home institution’s IACUC protocol review, and there were a number of modules from this program relevant to my transition.

What are some of the tools I was able to pick up?

  • While each institution is unique, and will each have their own specific policies, several policies were recommended to the audience. The best umbrella policy for every institution is to [...] Read more


On May 12, PRIM&R presented Earning the CPIA® Credential: Is it Right for You, Right Now?, a sixty-minute informational webinar on the Certified Professional IACUC Administrator (CPIA®) program. CPIA Council chair Deb Frolicher, BS, CPIA, outlined the history of the CPIA program, as well as the eligibility and recertification guidelines, and credential holder Toni K. O’Connell, BS, CPIA, shared strategies on how to prepare for the examination. Both Ms. [...] Read more

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